Brandon, Manufacturing Engineer, Pennsylvania

Custom bead rolling application.

My company needed to apply a groove to a cylindrical object. (similar to the one pictured below) After many failed attempts we contacted the custom industrial application team at Baileigh Industrial. The team did a great job developing custom male and female tooling to fit the BR-16E-36 industrial bead roller. We sent them our specifications and they were able to provide samples rather quickly.

The machine was in stock and ready for shipment. After receiving the machine, our employees were trained and running production within 24 hours. We have had the roller in production since June 2013 with absolutely no issues.


Peter Sternbeck

Thank you it has been a pleasure doing business with you and Baileigh Industrial!

When I need some other equipment I won't hesitate to purchase from you and I'll tell my friends about the friendly and professional service you have given me.


Jason Cabrol - Shadowerx

Strange bends on a Baileigh Magnetic Brake

Some of you may remember that I bought a Baileigh Magnetic brake a while back. I have used it a bunch, but for the most part most of the bending could have been done on a traditional Box/Pan brake (really not very interesting). In the interest of showing the versatility of the Mag Brake I did a tutorial of building a radiator fan shroud and how I used the Mag Brake for bending radiused corners around round bar instead of square corners like a traditional Box/Pan, and this is easy on the Mag brake. Well I just completed another customer project that wouldn't have been possible on a traditional Box/Pan and I thought I'd share it with you.

My customer has a restored WWII Bomber airplane (don't bother asking the model of bomber as I can't remember but I will ask again next time we talk) and he is fitting some empty 1000 lb Bombs to the bomb bay that have been converted to store extra fuel and engine oil. The bomb bodies that he has are sans fins and he needed some new fins cut out and bent up. So this it the process. I hope it shows you one more of the cool things that can be done with a magnetic brake.

The blank fin as cut on my plasma table.


Dan Patterson - Santa Barbara Forge


My name is Dan Patterson and I started SBFI in 2005. It all started with my undergraduate art degree and a love for metal fabrication. It has evolved into a family business offering heirloom quality artisan metal products. Approaching the fabrication process from an arts perspective is all about making the materials do what they’re not supposed to do, and that has been one of the benchmarks of our business. Being able to handle a wide variety of design and fabrication challenges makes us unique, and my staff and I use everything from hammer and anvil to CNC machines to make it happen. Our success is predicated on being able to rapidly adapt from one job to another, and having tools and machinery that are versatile and reliable is critical to our survival. That is why whenever possible, I choose Baileigh Industrial metalworking machinery.

When I was recently asked to fabricate a complex geometric wall sculpture for a local business, I knew that Baileigh’s legendary precision would not only make this project possible, but profitable. I was able to use the PT-510HD plasma table to quickly fabricate some of the more complex segments while the RM-40 roll bender offered the precision repeatability that I needed for other sections. Moreover, the software package provided with the PT-510HD worked seamlessly with my existing design software so workflow was never adversely affected. Baileigh’s quality machinery has allowed us to pull off projects like this without batting an eye, and our business has seen tremendous growth as a result. I can rely on Baileigh Industrial to perform every time which not only takes the stress out of a complex fabrication problem, but makes the job a whole lot of fun. Thanks, Baileigh!


Phillips Automotive & Performance, LLC


My name is Mike Phillips. I own Phillips Automotive & Performance, LLC, a small custom car and hot rod shop in Downingtown, PA, located about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia. I have been building and fabricating cars and bikes of all kinds for most of my life. Most of the welding and fabrication work we do is tube chassis fabrication, roll cages, headers, exhaust, steering, suspension, and minor sheet metal work.

Ten years ago, several TV shows came out about building custom bikes and cars. I immediately fell in love with the idea of taking a raw sheet of steel or aluminum and pounding it into these beautiful, complex curves. Up until that point, the only thing I knew was cutting, shearing, and bending. Forming was something I never thought about. I never knew it was possible by the hands of a craftsman. I always thought you needed some huge machine to stamp it out.

Once the internet took off and the TV series kicked in, it opened up a new world of ideas, and for years, I dreamed of the possibly of learning how to use a Yoder or Pullmax machine. I spent hours upon hours watching online tutorials and reading any information I could find on the art of sheet metal forming. Up until just this year (2013), it remained just that…a dream. Now, several years into owning my own business, I finally came into the financial situation where I could expand my car-building skills by adding sheet metal forming to what my shop can offer.

I started scouring the internet looking for used equipment. Found either nothing at all or it was super expensive. Then I came across a few guys who fabricated their own power hammer machines. I thought “well, I can build that, but what’s it going to cost me to make a nice one?” Throughout all my research, I stumbled across the Baileigh Industrial website. As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it.  The Baileigh Multi-Hammer. It does it all: Yoder, Pullmax, beadroll, planish, English wheel, and even mechanical shrinker/stretcher, like an Eckold machine. I could not believe the price. It almost made me skeptical of how well it worked. If you want to buy all those different machines used, you would spend 100K.

As we all know, when you see something that says “multi” on it, it usually does multiple things half as good as the real thing. That’s when I started to research Baileigh and dig up any input I could find. I was surprised to find lots of great feedback. As we know, people on the internet do not hesitate to talk trash on anything they can. I have yet to find negative reviews about Baileigh equipment or service. Because of this, I decided to take it to the next level and called Baileigh in Wisconsin.

I talked to James in the sales department. We chatted for a while about metal. He mentioned to me that Baileigh was holding a sheet metal workshop out in Wisconsin early 2013. I told him to do whatever it takes to get me on that list. Sure enough, he did. Within a few weeks, I found myself sitting in the airport waiting to fly across the country to finally get some hands-on, professional training in sheet metal forming. I showed up that morning to find 24 other exited guys looking just as thrilled to be there. Turns out the two guys teaching the lessons were Chris Rusch and Mark Gerisch.

I know Chris from TV. I have seen him on biker build-off helping out Jesse James, who I consider my mentor in the quality of his fabrication work and his deep appreciation of working with metal. Chris is not only a great fabricator/designer, but he is the one who engineered and builds the Multi-Hammer. I was impressed from the start. Mark Gerisch is also well known in the custom car-building industry. He has hand formed some of the most beautiful car bodies out there, including Jay Leno’s Cobra. At this point, I just couldn’t wait to learn as much as possible! Within an hour, we were all out in the shop watching Chris do a demonstration on the hammer. He made this very impressive bowl in a matter of minutes. At first glance of the Multi-Hammer, I was impressed with its design, engineering, and overall structure. This thing is built tough. Once I saw it move metal as fast as it did, all the doubts I had were long gone. Now it’s time to pound some metal!

We broke up into groups. We all took turns trying to duplicate the bowl that Chris made. Mark worked very close with me and took the time to really teach me the fundamentals of what the machine was doing to the metal. Within minutes, I was shrinking metal like I had been doing it for years. I also had the pleasure to spend a little one-on-one time with Chris. He taught me a few great tips on how to work the metal to get it to do what I wanted it to, and how to use all the functions of the machine to produce a finished product. I cannot thank Chris and Mark enough for what they generously taught me in that one day. There are few and far between who have the talent those two guys have. It’s even harder to find guys who will take the time to teach you their skill.

I also can’t express enough how great all the guys from Baileigh are. I got the chance to meet Shane and James and most of their staff. They are all great guys who really know their product well. They are not just some sales guy trying to push some crap on you. They all work with metal. They use the machines. They can answer tech questions for you. They can help you get the best bang for your buck. Overall, I am very happy I took the leap to fly across the country. The workshop Baileigh put on was great. I can’t wait for part 2. I went home a happy man with new skills under my belt.

As I sit here and write this, I am awaiting the delivery of my new Multi-Hammer. I look forward to the future in having expanded my shop through the new fabrication services that I can now offer my customers. The products I produce will benefit greatly and my business will grow. Most importantly, my skills will always continue to evolve. I cannot wait to plug her in and start pounding some more metal. Mark said to me “Practice makes perfect. It’s like riding a bike. Once you figure it out, there is no stopping you.”

Thanks to Shane Henderson, James Frenz, Chris Rusch, Mark Gerisch, and the rest of the Baileigh crew. Everyone was really nice and wanted to help us learn.

Mike Phillips
Phillips Automotive & Performance, LLC
Downingtown, PA


Baileigh Metal Forming and Shaping Class

I call myself an artist. It is an aspiration. In an effort to shatter my comfort zone I have taken on the craft of metal forming. It is a craft and one that takes years to be good at. Rather than go into it slowly I took my usual approach and bought the equipment first and headed for the skill after. I know what metal forming is, and I know how to bend metal with heat and/or muscle for a desired effect. But my skill is rudimentary. I decided my art needed something different so I followed the trail to the custom car restoration and build from scratch automobile sector. Was I about to get my eyes opened!

The gang at Baileigh Industrial design and build fabulous tools for metal forming, cutting and welding. Their tools range in size from tools for the enthusiasts garage to systems for a production factory. Top quality stuff. I’d ordered and received five different tools for a current project (line). Four out of the five tools delivered were well known to me but the fifth was totally foreign. I literally knew nothing about it other than it was the product of taking something that had an effect on the Industrial Revolution and refining it to an art form. The tool is a power hammer but the Bailiegh MH-19 product goes miles beyond that simple label.

Back to the day. When you buy a power hammer from Baileigh or even if you are thinking of buying one they insist you get some understanding of the tool. Wise idea. Without the training one would be able to figure out about 10% of the tools capability, with the training – in my case – I got a license to learn. This diverse group of guys last Saturday ranged from beginners and hobbyists to true seasoned craftsmen. I was the only one calling myself an artist (out of 20 plus) but I would have to say some of the skills I witnessed could only be called art. Taking a flat piece of mild steel and turning it into a beautiful curved (in this case a fender for a 32 Ford) object – in 45 minutes – was a sight to behold. And to capture on video for later review.

As a group we were able to work with professionals who watched, critiqued and demonstrated the “art” of metal forming. It is just the beginning for me but a leap forward from where I would have been trying to get it on my own. Baileigh Industrial had all the tools set up and the guys that knew how to use them. These guys can build you a car from a pile of metal. Metal shapers, metal cutters and bead/design benders. It was all there to do with what we wanted and someone standing by to instruct in proper use. Wow. They set me on a path, not to build cars, but to apply the techniques to my art for a new and better product. This is going to be fun. The day certainly was. Jump start on learning, who could ask for more.


-Bobby Bacon - Tatu Metal Art

Steve Hall - SRH Contracting (UK)

As I mentioned when I first contacted you back in 2012, that it was Baileigh machines I wanted in my workshop, as i had used these before, but like any body would, I looked and priced elsewhere. There was no other companies / dealers who were any where near as helpful, punctual and polite as yourself and your company, and as a customer I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Tim Swenson - Action Manufacturing

"We shopped all over for metal fabrication equipment and found that Baileigh Industrial was the best for our needs. High quality, availability,  Midwest distribution. They had everything our fabrication department needed. A knowledgeable staff and fast delivery as well. We currently use the tube bender, cold cut saw and grinder in our daily production."

David Ekstrom - EKSTROM DESIGN

“Never again will I be limited by my equipment, thanks to Baileigh Industrial. Being a Designer and Welder I pride myself in the highest quality and most unique products. In the last few years Ekstrom Design and Fabrication has outfitted its shop with Baileigh Equipment exclusively and has never looked back. Thanks to the application specialists and the many others that make Baileigh Industrial what it is today.”

Matthew Figliola-Owner AI Designs

“Our focus is always on maintaining solid build-technique and consistent quality. Being at the tip of the spear when it comes to innovative, high-quality solutions requires the best equipment. When we’re fabricating, we prefer Baileigh Industrial”.

Jason Carner-Bluetorch Fabworks

"We chose Baileigh Industrial products because of the quality and precision they put into each and every machine they built. Top-notch equipment helps us to provide our customers with a quality finished product.  In addition, Baileigh Industrial’s strong support of the off-road industry makes them our only choice."

Ian Johnson
TV Host Spike TV,  Tech Editor CRAWL magazine

"Whenever I start to build an "EXTREME" off road vehicle I always find myself in front of a piece of Baileigh Industrial machinery.  From forming flat plate, to working with tube when I want a rig that will not only be safe in the dirt but also showcase my skills as a builder I trust Baileigh Industrial tube rollers, and notchers to get the job done right"

 Mike Berg - Crawlin Concepts L.L.C.

In recent months I decided to start my own business in the off road community as I’ve found I really enjoy working with metal as much as I do getting out and going 4-wheeling.  After doing a ton of research I decided Baileigh Industrial was the way to go and I haven’t been disappointed on any level.  The customer service has been nothing but excellent and my order arrived a few days after placing it.  If the great customer service wasn’t enough, the equipment has blown me away.  The cold saw, programmable rotary draw bender, and TN-300 notcher that I bought are all amazing. They are well made hardworking machines and I have no doubt I chose the right company to buy from.  Thank you Baileigh Industrial for helping me get my start up business going in the right direction. 

Mike Rowley (Director), TR Fabrications (Nottm) Ltd.

"TR choose Baileigh Industrial because they deliver, perform and do what they say they can do, (that’s just the staff) the machines do much much more! So if you are looking for quality, reliability and affordability with the power to perform BUY BAILEIGH we did."


Jamie Hyneman: - Myth Buster’s Host

"I have been itching to get access to a Baileigh Industrial roll bender for a long time. These machines do things that no others are capable of, and the Baileigh Industrial brand is the best. It worked perfectly for us, and is one strong, well made machine."

Olly Marshal (M Director), ProSpeed Motorsport.

"In our industry, fast turn around and ultimate attention to detail is essential. When re-fitting our fabrication workshop we chose Baileigh Industrial because of the quality of their machines and their excellent customer service. The machines and tooling are all in stock and knowledgeable and friendly staff have always been at the end of the phone with quick and sensible solutions."


"Baileigh Industrial has joined forces with SHP Engineering and gone American style Pickup Truck Racing. SHP are the renowned Engineering company behind the successful and flamboyant Pick Up Truck racing series, as well as many other formats of oval racing. SHP created and manufactured the tubular space frame trucks at their factory in Cambridgeshire and use Baileigh Industrial machines to help them meet their very high standards."

CustomJ - Special Thanks to Baileigh Industrial - Shrinker Stretcher

Just wanted to say thanks for my new shrinker stretcher from Baileigh Industrial. It was a very difficult decision picking a tool from such a great selection. As you might have seen in some of the pictures in my posts, I already use their shrinker stretcher. and the bottom line is it works. I wanted to pick something that I would use a lot, and so far I’ve used this tool on every panel I’ve made for Johns 27 T. The reason why I chose another one is because now I can leave the shrinking jaws in one and the stretching jaws in the other. I have used many different kinds of these tools and this one is definitely the best bang for the buck. It does 18 gauge steel no problem and that’s what I need since that is what i am most commonly using. most of them out there can stretch but any one under 1200 bucks that i have used cant shrink 18 gauge worth squat. Take it from me I’m about as hard as they come on tools and this one works like the day I got it. Thanks Baileigh, I’m sure I will be using it every day. 

Machine Head - Dick Jobe

"As an owner of a highly specialized machine and fabrication shop producing custom architectural elements, artwork and an assortment of detailed metal products, I am pleased to have found Baileigh Industrial, Inc. Not only am I impressed with the quality of the tools and their capability of performing many applications, with the help of an array of tooling sizes, but I am equally happy with the technical service and the technical support and information. Several years ago I purchased a R-M50 Ring Roller and had a problem with fluid leaking from the drive system. Baileigh Industrial, Inc went beyond my expectations in helping me to fix the problem. The technical knowledge and ability to communicate are excellent. I have since bought a PR-409 Plate roll, a RDB-175 Tube Bender and a TN-800 Tubing Notcher from Baileigh Industrial, Inc and was able to order all the correct tooling sizes with Baileigh Industrial’s assistance. Baileigh Industrial, Inc is wonderful to work with and is a great help keeping me stay within my budget. I would highly recommend Baileigh Industrial, Inc and its staff to anyone."

Allied Metals - Mark Miller

"We would like to thank your company for being so helpful and informative on our purchase of the PR-510 plate roll machine. Baileigh Industrial, Inc did an excellent job of getting any information that we requested to us in a timely manner; and it was an extreme pleasure dealing with Baileigh Industrial, Inc. Thanks again and we will definitely keep you all in mind for any future machinery needs that come up."

Hank Watzka - Van Lanen Mfg.

"The staff at Baileigh were very friendly and helpful. From our original phone conversation to our model demo, Baileigh Industrial, Inc was informative and knowledgeable. Knowing the TN-800 was made here locally with a reputation for quality, we felt it was a must have. Baileigh Industrial, Inc worked hard through the sale to make sure our satisfaction was guaranteed."

Michael Seymour - Horizon Tool Inc.

"We are truly happy with your product. This unit has tripled our production. All in all, we would highly recommend it to anyone. The price could not be beat on a new machine!"

Loyd Smith - Weldreel.com

"I was actually building my own ring roller because I could not find a reasonably priced unit. One night I was surfing and found Baileigh, I called the next day talked a great representative and ordered my machine on a Friday afternoon, after 3 pm! Received the machine Tuesday morning!!! That is service! I am in the process of adding my own power to this machine. The company is great, the service is great and the people are great, what else can I say? The price was great!"

Steel Reality Mfg. - Jeff Carlson

"We looked a long time at all the band saws on the market and just couldn’t find what we wanted at a decent price. We needed a sturdy saw but our demands didn’t require a large production type saw. Also, we have a very clean type shop environment and couldn’t have coolant and chips all over the floor every time the saw turned on. Another important feature was a gear drive head and most saws in this price range were belt driven - I have personally had bad experiences with those. Then we found Baileigh Industrial and their BS-250M Band Saw really had it all and also some other features you will not find on other models. I would recommend this saw to anyone who wants a great piece of equipment that will be a true value to your shop. Another bonus was the saw’s working height - not that important at the time, but I have come to love the fact that I and others don’t have to be crouched over while at the saw. "

Dirty South Choppers, Inc.

"We are real pleased with our purchase of the R-M30 pyramid roller, shipping was real fast with no waiting period. All our questions were answered and everyone was a pleasure to deal with. Our needs were for a machine to roll a radius in 1-1/4" .120 wall tubing and 1-3/4" .120 wall tubing and am very impressed at how easy this machine did the job. Very clean and fast, when we are ready to get a second machine we will be back to get it from here."

Airfox Inc.

"I have purchased four machines from Baileigh and found their machines to be of top quality, made with pride, and designed to last."

Lew’s Welding Service

"Excellent machine, easy and quick setup. It makes nice smooth bends with no kinks on the inside, as compared to muffler type Benders. Great technical staff able to answer all of our questions."

Jim’s Welding and Fabrication

"Our RDB-150 bender couldn’t work better. We bend a lot of square aluminum for railings. Bends look like they were bent on a mandrel bender, very satisfied."

Propulsion Controls Eng.

"We purchased the RDB-300 pipe bender for superior, american made quality, and performance. This machine makes top quality bends with no kinking or wrinkles, simple to use and setup. We are thoroughly pleased with this machine."

Oostman Fabricating

"Initially we were not sure if we wanted to spend the money for this RDB-150 bender, with all the cheaper Benders on the market (money and quality wise) but we did and we are 110% satisfied. The bender is used for handrails, roll cages, bike frames, and the occasional "How are we going to bend this?" job. Its a high quality machine and we would highly recommend it."

Pam Freeland

"Hello, I am writing in hopes that you might be able to send my daughter some free things---her name is Baileigh, also, and 12 years ago when she was born, there were no other name spellings like hers. She was so excited when we were watching CMT’s Trick My Truck one night and she saw a sign on the wall with "her" name in print! She has never been able to get pencils or rulers or anything with her name on it "off the rack" so I was hoping that maybe you might have a hat or some stickers or anything that she could hang in her room. Thank you for your cooperation."